The Last Fifteen Miles

You have a number of options for getting from your airplane to your Villa.

Being a Johnian, It is not easy for me to recommend you do not rent your car on St John, but that is what I must do to make sure your arrival is the best possible. You will most likely be tired and a bit nervous and the least hassle is what is needed.

You should rent your car at the airport, drive to Redhook Terminal to get on the car barge. When you get off you will be in another world and welcomed to island time.

Here is why.

-For two people to go by public transportation from St Thomas Airport to Cruz Bay Dock, round trip is $160 plus any tip you give.

-The car barge is $50 round trip no matter how many people you have in the vehicle.

-Rental cars are the same price or less expensive in St Thomas.

-You are $110 ahead ($220 if there are four of you) renting on St Thomas.

And the ease of loading your own vehicle at the airport and not unloading till you are at the villa might be the biggest reason.

We do suggest you rent from Amalie Car, Avis or Budget at the Airport. Hertz is a little fussy to protect their St John Franchise. We do not suggest you try to economize on this detail as a few pennies can mess up your holiday. These three firms will take fix your car on St John if there is a problem.

If you rent from Amalie, you will have the Jeep of your dreams. They have 80 brand new cars and I have confirmed they are completely sanitized each turnover. The other two firms will probably get you into a Jeep, but at times it does not work and might get a different vehicle after a wait.  You do not want a wait when you land; not a good idea.

You do not need a four wheel drive on SJ, but it will give you piece of mind and the energy to do a little exploring. If you budget can afford it, we recommend it.

When you land in Cruz Bay, we will have specific instructions ready for you to complete your journey.

And a Covid update.

You are safer in your own car. The owner of Amalie Car is trustworthy and a great businesswoman. I double-checked with her today (5.12.20) and she is definitely sanitizing her cars.

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